Volunteer at the Library

The Allendale Library appreciates your help!  Volunteers are invaluable to the library as they help us fulfill our mission of providing opportunities for direct public participation in library services. Volunteers also help the library expand and enrich its services to the community.  

Common uses of volunteers include:
•    Assisting staff in daily tasks
•    Assisting in the preparation for and implementation of programs 
•    Processing of materials for circulation
•    Shelf maintenance

Volunteers under the age of 18 must have parental approval. 

Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves as if employed by the library and must adhere to the policies and practices established regarding attendance, conduct, performance, safety procedures, proper attire, etc. Volunteers can be released from volunteer duties at any time at the discretion of the library.

Individuals interested in volunteering at the library must fill out an application.

Volunteer Application:


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